Processed Pictures  are available of the following events: 



Euro Dance 2014  Dornbirn 


Euro Dance 2014_Jugend_Schau Solo&Duo 

Euro Dance 2014_Jugend_Garde Gruppen 

Euro Dance 2014_Jugend_Schau Gruppen 


Euro Dance 2015 Hanau

Euro Dance 2015_Schulerklasse_Garde Gruppen


Euro Dance 2015_Jugendklasse_Schau Gruppen

Euro Dance 2015_Schulerklasse_Schau Solo&Duo

Eurodance 2015_Schulerklasse_Schau Gruppen











Euro Dance 2017 -Processed Pictures







Basic Pictures Series  are available of the following events:  




EFDO IT Turnier_TuS Eudenbach 1912_13Dez2014_Schueler_BASIC

EFDO IT Turnier_TuS Eudenbach 1912_13Dez2014_Hauptklasse_BASIC

EFDO IT Turnier_TuS Eudenbach 1912_13Dez2014_Jugend_BASIC


Euro Dance 2017  Zonhoven -Belgie




Euro Dance 2017_Junioren_Garde_Mars 

Euro Dance 2017_Junioren_Garde_Solo/ Duo

Euro Dance 2017_Junioren_Show Modern

Euro Dance 2017_Junioren_Show Karakter

Euro Dance 2017_Junioren_Garde_Polka

Euro Dance 2017_Junioren_Show Solo/ Duo

Euro Dance 2017_Junioren_Show Freestyle

Euro Dance 2017_Junioren_Prijsuitreiking 





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